A resident of Mykolaiv leaks information about the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Russian forces Ukrainian Security Service


The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) arrested a resident of Mykolaiv who was passing information on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to Russian special services. The Russians planned to use this information to launch missile strikes on Mykolaiv Oblast.

Source: USS on Facebook

Quote from SSU“SSU agents have files on the informant’s criminal activities. [The informant] turned out to be a resident of Mykolaiv and was involved in the activities of an informant network. The suspect collected information on the deployment and movements of Ukrainian Armed Forces units in the region, as well as the coordinates of the city’s infrastructure, and regularly transmitted this information to a representative of the Russian Federation.

Details: The mobile phone that the suspect had used to transmit information was seized during a search.

The man was arrested and informed that he is suspected of having committed a crime under part 3 of article 114-2 (dissemination of information on the location of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the purpose to transfer the specified information to a State carrying armed aggression against Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Urgent operational and investigative actions are currently being undertaken to identify and bring to justice others implicated in related crimes.

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