Anambra records enhanced human and vehicular movements

Monday sitting at home in Anambra State recorded improved activities in human and vehicular movements.

Although banks, markets, courts, schools, gas stations, among others, remained closed, there were movements of people and vehicles, contrary to what was obtained in the previous ones.

Amid pockets of rain in major towns across the state, including Awka, residents were seen on roads and areas that had been ghost towns on previous Mondays.

One resident, who identified himself simply as Chike, said: ‘The fact is that the criminals wanted to take over the state, but the current attack to subdue them by the state government is a welcome development. .

“Telephone numbers issued to residents of the state to report suspected criminals have helped immensely and other security measures are being taken which may not be disclosed to the public, but even the governor has said that they ( criminals) were harassed on a daily basis.”

A vulcanizer at the axis of the Nkwo Nnewi triangle, identified as Peter said: “Today, unlike the previous ones, we did not run away as usual. Unknown gunmen normally attacked people in that vicinity. So I don’t know why we didn’t run away today.

“Our children don’t go to school on Mondays anymore, when they grow up they will never forget that there was a time when they didn’t go to school on Mondays because of the unrest for the independence of a state of Biafra. May God help us.”

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