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Forgetting your password is the kind of thing that can be really frustrating due to the fact that it’s the kind of thing that could potentially end up locking you out of an account that you would have ideally wanted to retain access to. What makes the situation even worse is that you have to create very unique and complicated passwords if you want to stay safe online, which increases the likelihood that you will forget what that password actually is.

That’s where iCloud Keychain comes in. It lets you generate unique passwords and save them to your iCloud account, so you won’t have to remember a single password. as long as you keep your account active. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that there is a pretty big problem with this so-called key fob that has caused users a lot of annoyance instead of making their activities easier. online to a reasonable degree. .

The problem is that iCloud Keychain saves your password but does not save a username that matches that password. People often have different usernames for the different accounts they have online, which means Keychain often doesn’t realize you need to enter a password you saved to your iCloud account if you use it as your only password manager. The good news is that Apple is finally fixing this with the latest iOS 15 update along with other iPad and Mac operating systems.

Now, whenever you try to enter a password or generate a new one, Safari will ask you to enter a username that you associate with that password. This can result in a much more seamless login experience for the average user, and it will greatly increase the effectiveness of this password manager. Using a password manager is essential in our modern times, so it’s good that Apple has tried to optimize iCloud Keychain overall.

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