Automating Inventory Tracking in the Warehouse Using Autonomous Indoor Drones

Recent advances in indoor drone systems allow today’s most innovative retailers, 3PLs and manufacturers to fully automate the inventory tracking process. Using autonomous drones to capture accurate inventory data on nights and weekends when employees are off, these systems help detect and correct inventory errors, omissions, and discrepancies before they happen. disrupt operations or compromise customer service. By providing frequent and consistent feedback, they also help management identify and eliminate process errors that can impact operations and increase CO2 emissions. The result: a zero-error warehouse.

Automating inventory tracking has become a mandate for companies striving for supply chain excellence, but it’s no easy task. Errors in large warehouses are hard to find, and this challenge is directly related to the size and height of the warehouse. The continuous movement of goods constantly introduces new errors, often before existing errors are resolved. This means that many errors are only discovered at the point of execution, resulting in interruptions to normal operations, the possibility of partially fulfilled orders, and delays or unfulfilled orders that negatively impact customer service.

Although warehouse management systems (WMS) have dramatically improved warehouse efficiency, the costly and time-consuming task of tracking inventory and accurately recording inventory data has not changed. For lack of a better option to get the job done, warehouse workers have to take time off on smarter tasks to manually scan inventory in the warehouse. It’s monotonous and often dangerous work that’s universally unpopular among warehouse staff. As a result, employee satisfaction decreases, process compliance suffers, and inventory errors are seen as an “acceptable failure” in an otherwise exceptional operation. By reducing costs and improving accuracy, efficiency, autonomy, customer service and safety, automated inventory tracking powered by autonomous drones creates a better, smarter warehouse.

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