AvePoint Cloud Records Enhancements Improve Information Lifecycle Management for Enterprises

AvePoint announced enhancements to Cloud Records, its SaaS platform designed to help organizations improve information lifecycle management and ensure data resilience and compliance.

Cloud Records updates give organizations greater control over their electronic and physical records, effectively managing their content throughout the lifecycle, from creation, to classification, to retention or disposal, on a centralized SaaS platform.

“When companies first moved to the cloud, the promise of free storage was enticing and many never created lifecycle policies for the data they continue to amass” , said Alyssa Blackburn, director of information management at AvePoint.

“But with rising storage costs and the myriad of regulatory standards that organizations now face, it has become both costly and risky. The enhancements we’ve made to Cloud Records automate retention and deletion policies and enable fast and secure retrieval of access to information, so organizations can easily meet requirements and reduce excess storage at the same time.

To help organizations seamlessly and securely manage their information lifecycle, the following updates to Cloud Records have been made:

  • More complex search functionality: AvePoint introduced advanced search, using metadata to help users quickly locate records by applying Boolean operators and multiple criteria fields. Saved search profiles for common use cases can be created and applied to streamline IT processes for typical information access requests, which ultimately increases productivity.
  • Delegated administration: To protect the integrity of critical data and, in many cases, classified information, organizations can now configure different administrator user profiles to perform certain actions, controlling who has access to specific areas of a shared tenant . Going further, organizations can add file access control, classification schemes, and even design rules based on user profiles.
  • Additional Content Sources: Organizations can now manage content lifecycle stages across many repositories such as Microsoft 365 – including OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint Groups and Sites, and Exchange – file systems, on-premises SharePoint, and physical records. Specifically, AvePoint has enhanced its physical records module to accommodate highly complex physical records management systems that require customization.

AvePoint helps to securely streamline information lifecycle management for hundreds of organizations, many in regulated industries, such as the IRS, Cancer Council, Airways New Zealand and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, who have chosen to sponsor AvePoint’s IRAP assessment in Australia.

“Over the past year, we have been able to work with AvePoint to modernize and automate the management of critical records, while meeting Australian government requirements,” said Angelo Santosuosso, Records Manager, Australian Transport Safety Bureau. “AvePoint’s recent updates to the Cloud Records interface and dashboards have made navigation even more intuitive and efficient for us.”

Committed to securing customer data and backed by AvePoint’s powerful security and governance framework, Cloud Records is authorized by FedRAMP (moderate), rated by IRAP, and compliant with VERS and NARA standards. Cloud Records is also available to channel partners to help their customers reduce the risks associated with excessive retention of information, minimize premature deletion, and meet various requirements with a secure and automated information management system. .