BTS Breaks Records as Proof Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard Top 200; ARMY Celebrates “Chapter One Successful Ending”

BTS continues to script the story. Their latest album Proof debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart, ranking one of the most popular albums in the United States.

Although Proof is primarily an anthology album with old hits, it achieved the highest sales of any album by a group in the United States in 2022. Over 259,000 of traditional album sales achieved by Proof were CD sales, which became the highest sales week for an album. on CD in the US since Adele’s ’30, which sold 378,000 CDs in its first week last year.

Proof is BTS’s sixth album to enter the chart at No. 1. The group is now the first and only Korean artist to top the Billboard 200 with six different albums. BTS’ first No. 1 album was Love Yourself: Tear in June 2018, followed by Love Yourself: Answer, Map of the Soul: Persona, Map of the Soul: 7, and BE. ARMY is ecstatic and flooded Twitter with congratulatory messages, saying that they are ready for “Chapter 2” and that “Chapter 1” has closed on a high note.

The group just celebrated its 9th anniversary last week. At their recent Festa 2022 dinner, the band discussed their present and future, and expressed feelings of being ‘trapped’ and due to a translation error, ARMY thought the band would make a indefinite pause, leading to a wave of panic. Rumors began to spread that the group was disbanding. Nevertheless, BTS leader RM (Kim Nam-joon) and Jungkook set the record straightsaying they had no intention of disbanding anytime soon.

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In a recent interview with Weverse, RM expressed his thoughts on the band and said he wanted to “take a step back from himself.” He said, “I think that way I’ll know what the job I’m doing right now means to me and what it means to me. So now I worry if I’m just doing the things I’m given and getting lost in some way.

He added that he worries if he is living too passively in the wake of the pandemic. “It was never my intention to live like this, and I want to live an independent and active life, but now I’m starting to wonder if I’m living too passively because of the pandemic, and it’s unbearable. That includes this I felt at the Grammys, and I think I hit kind of a wall. He said he wanted the band to go “beyond amazing people” and give a clear message.