Citadel Group’s Kapish was asked to deploy a case management system for the Yoorrook Justice Commission – Services

The Yoorrook Justice Commission has enlisted Melbourne-based IT services provider Kapish to help build an official record of the impacts of colonization on Victoria’s First Nations people.

The commission will investigate injustices suffered by First Nations people in Victoria, including collecting nuther-mooyoop, the word Boonwurrung for truth, which the commission has adopted to mean submission.

Kapish, which was acquired by Canberra-based software and services company The Citadel Group in 2016, will support the commission by rolling out a cloud-based case management system.

The information management provider will use its cloud services to classify, collect, store and archive culturally sensitive stories submitted in various forms.

A nuther-mooyoop can be made in the form of writings, photos, video or audio recordings, cultural artifacts and any other medium.

Kapish chief executive Ryan Harris said the company was delighted to support the first official truth commission.

“The partnership also develops innovative solutions for respectful and culturally sensitive information management,” he said.

“We have worked closely with Yoorrook to ensure that all submissions are treated in a secure and respectful manner, regardless of form, with a particular focus on ensuring First Peoples data sovereignty is always upheld. spirit.”

Yoorrook has started to receive nuther-mooyoop from Elders and will soon be inviting other First Nations people, followed by the wider Victorian community.

The commission has also started to organize wurrek tyerrang (public hearings), via discussion circles, workshops and round tables.

Mark McConnell, Managing Director of Citadel Group, said, “Our Commission as a Service approach has matured into a scalable and repeatable records management solution within complex organizations.

“The fact that we can set up a fully operational service in a very short time is a testament to our professional capacity, our flexibility, our agility and our maturity.

“The obvious benefit to the client is knowing that they are in good hands and free to focus on the important work of the Commission.”

Kapish also helped the Victorian Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants with its cloud content management system and won a contract with CSIRO last month to deploy a document management system.