Connect Airlines Deploys Asset Records Management System to Facilitate Paperless Operations

Connect Airlines chose GE Digital’s asset records management software to streamline the new airline’s maintenance work order management and help them achieve a smarter, nearly paperless operation in their first year operating. The operator will be the first airline operator to use unique QR code technology to accelerate adoption and connection to other tools and platforms within their operations.

Connect Airlines is a new regional airline based in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area and is part of Waltzing Matilda Aviation, a growing private jet operator. Connect Airlines begins service with daily flights from Toronto, Canada to Philadelphia and Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

GE Digital’s asset records management software, Asset Records, is designed to help operators streamline aircraft records management. With cloud-based solutions, operators can digitize, index and archive all maintenance records, as well as efficiently connect records and data from internal and external IT platforms, making them easily accessible for research. registrations, administration, support and processing.

Asset Records is a robust records management system that manages all documents associated with the aircraft lifecycle. Powered by Microsoft Azure technology, it requires minimal IT infrastructure: organizations can simply connect through secure web access. Asset Records is ideal for anyone who needs better solutions for maintaining service records of their aircraft, whether they are owners, operators, lessors or MROs.

“The GE Digital Asset Records software will allow us to organize, view, search, retrieve, download, and transfer records digitally to facilitate regulatory compliance within the US-accepted ATA SPEC 2500 record structure. leasing industry,” said Dave Marcontell, chief operating officer of Connect Airlines. . “The modern, forward-thinking use of QR codes to transfer data between different computing platforms meets our goal of operating smarter and with a light footprint; essential for cost management and compliance of a rapidly growing airline. »

The system’s project management module allows users to create aircraft transaction projects, view dashboards to view project status, view the status of multiple projects in parallel, and manage interactively the status of the lessor’s checklist of required documentation. The module has a modern interface that will provide clear stakeholder identification, documentation management status and a digital master list of issues to give an “at a glance” view of the project. The tool includes an administration module that allows users to manage permissions, assets, and checklists.

“Our software enables customers like Connect Airlines to make data-driven decisions about real-time fleet health,” said Andrew Coleman, general manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software business. “From airport to back office, and everything in between, our software gives customers access to the data and expertise needed to run a world-class operation.”