Development of an inventory of forest resources to support the expansion of the forest industry | News and media

Released June 2, 2022

The Government of Saskatchewan is renewing its commitment to a strong, resilient and growing forest sector with the development of a Forest Resource Inventory Project by the Ministry of Environment.

“This project will facilitate the expansion of our forest industry and support proper management of our forests by providing essential information to industry and other users,” said Environment Minister Dana Skoropad. “The information from the Forest Resource Inventory will help us and the industry continue to sustainably manage Saskatchewan’s public forests to nationally and globally recognized high standards.

With an additional $400,000 from the 2022-23 provincial budget, the ministry continues to invest in an updated Forest Resource Inventory for Saskatchewan’s Commercial Forest Zone, which includes approximately 15 million hectares of forest south of the river. Churchill. The information allows the industry to develop economically and environmentally sustainable long-term harvest plans.

By using remote sensing data and the latest technology, areas of the forest can be mapped faster than in the past. To date, the Ministry of Environment has completed the inventory of forest resources on more than five million hectares and plans to complete the entire commercial forest within five years.

Forestry is the largest sector in northern Saskatchewan, supporting northern families and communities with nearly 8,000 jobs and 2,600 more on the way with $1 billion in capital investments planned. Last year, Saskatchewan recorded a record $1.8 billion in forest sales.

Aboriginal people make up over 27% of Saskatchewan’s total forest sector workforce, the highest percentage of any province. In addition, 30% of the provincial wood supply is attributed to Aboriginal businesses, which is also the highest of any province.


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