DTA buys a digital document management solution

The Digital Transformation Agency purchased document management software to modernize government data management.

The software, Records365, was developed by the Australian company RecordPoint. It will be used to streamline the DTA’s business operations, according to Minister for Jobs, Labour, Skills, Small Business and Families, Stuart Robert.

“This local company has worked to modernize its solution by adopting machine learning, full-text extraction and natural language processing to automate the process of managing records from creation to disposal,” it said. -he declares.

“It can apply records control to content no matter where it’s stored – in network drives, email, and custom systems.” This provides huge benefits to the way DTA maintains records, not only in terms of productivity, but also for greater transparency.

The purchase of the solution is part of a three-year plan to improve records management across the Australian Public Service. the Digital Document Transformation Initiativewhich is led by the Ministry of Finance, is a project under the APS Modernization Fund.

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Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said Records365 was specifically designed for records managers, creators and users of information in government.

“By modernizing the way government service data is managed and recorded, better and faster services can be delivered to Australians,” he said.

“Parliament and the public must have confidence that data is being retained and managed appropriately through the purchase of this software which will provide greater transparency and accountability.”

RecordPoint COO Anthony Woodward noted that demand for “intuitive, user-centric solutions” has accelerated since the government first announced plans to modernize records management. in APS.

“This opportunity enables our team of Melbourne-based AI engineers to innovate alongside DTA, a leader in the federal government sector, and puts us at the forefront of the global IT management industry. documents and content,” he said.

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