Exes Make Unlikely Improv Partners In Fringe’s “Too Much Information Improvised”

Too much improvised information

Created and performed by Steph Haller and Paddy MacDonald. Directed by Hana Holubec. Through July 17 at Tarragon Theater Extraspace, 30 Bridgman Ave., fringetoronto.com and 416-966-1062.

Former romantic partners aren’t often known for doing particularly smooth acting.

But in “Too Much Information Improvised,” real-life exes Steph Haller and Paddy MacDonald do just that. Recounting the intricacies of their past relationship, Haller and MacDonald improvise scene after scene, playing out everything from scorned lovers on the TTC to unwitting partners during a sex class. Most of the show is improvised, using prompts from the audience to create onstage hilarity, and MacDonald occasionally pulls out an acoustic guitar for some lovely live music.

Haller and MacDonald are natural improv partners, even though their romantic relationship never turned out the way they hoped. They both happen to be married now, and their spouses don’t necessarily like “Too Much Information Improvised.” Not because it brings Haller and MacDonald together, but because they’re not big fans of improvisation. That line caused a stir during the Saturday night performance, solidifying “Too Much Information Improvised” as a standout example of comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but is precise enough to create well-timed magic.

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