Golden Robot Folders announced the signing of an influential rock band FASTER PUSSY.

Originally formed in the mid-1980s glam rock era, FASTER PUSSY enjoyed a triumph of success, with over two million albums sold worldwide, and accompanied some of rock’s most distinguished names on tour, such as ALICE COOPER, OZZY OSBOURNE, MOTLEY CRUE, GUNS N’ ROSES and EMBRACE.

FASTER PUSSY has over 260,000 monthly listeners on a single streaming platform, proving not only that they are still a leading force, but that they have also successfully adapted to the digital age and to maintain their stamina.

FASTER PUSSYmade up of Taime Downe (singing),Sam “Bam” Koltun (guitar),Danny Nordahl (low),Chad Stewart (drums) and last born of the group, Ronnie Simmons (guitar), expressed excitement about joining the eclectic roster of golden robotwith Down stating, “The band and I are thrilled to join the Golden Robot Folders rock and roll family. We’re excited to release some of our new badass tracks worldwide. We know the label sees our vision and supports the band and we feel completely at home here.”

The signing is hardly a surprise to those who know Golden Robot Folders president and founder Marc Alexandre Erberwho had his eye on the band for years before the signing materialized earlier this year.

“One of my favorite signings of all time is FASTER PUSSY,” said Alexandre-Erber. “They fit in really well with our Golden Robot Folders family. They’ve been an integral part of the global rock scene for many years, and I’ve had the pleasure of listening to their new music that we’re about to release. I can tell you that they will be part of the world music scene for many years to come thanks to the strength of their new music. There are exciting times ahead!”

FASTER PUSSY is currently on the road with Tom Keifer and SHOTGUNS within North America “The Sonic Slam” tour, as well as a series of their own headlining shows across the United States.

Back in 2019, Love you Told on the camaraderie between all the hard rock bands in the 1980s: “We were all friends. We were all like incest, SHOTGUNS, GUNS N’ ROSES. GUNS N’ ROSES basically got a record just when we were putting FASTER together, so they helped us tons so we could start our shit. I was friends with [L.A. GUNS guitarist] Tracii Pistols [GN’R drummer] Steven Adler. So it was all just a crucible.

“I remember going to see GUNS N’ ROSES‘ first show, and it’s so funny too because originally when we were putting FASTER with Mick Cripps (who would soon join SHOTGUNS) and we responded to an ad in the Music connection for a ‘very available glam guitarist’, and it was fucking slash. We went to see him at the first GN’R show that he did it afterwards Tracii [left GN’R]. I thought he was awesome. Mike said, ‘He looks stupid.’ [Laughs] I was like, ‘Whatever.’ And then I sold slash his fucking hat. … He said he stole it. He’s so shitty. I gave him. [Laughs] But he can say he stole it; it’s harder. But we’ve been friends ever since.”