Filion and Campbell set records that stood for more than three decades

by Bob Heyden

Hervé Filion held the all-time winning record from December 1972 to 2015 – 33 years old. Dave Palone has now held the record for seven years.

John Campbell will have held the all-time winning bar for 35 years by the end of July. On June 30, it will be five years since Campbell stopped driving.


Three trainers have had both a colt and a filly voted Horse of the Year – Glen Garnsey, Brett Pelling and George Teague, Jr.


Scott Zeron needs to have a good Hambletonian in 2022 to still be the best financial driver in the race at a comparable age. Until the age of 32, which brings him through the 2021 Hambletonian, Zeron has earned $1,266,500. Now 33, he will have to step up a gear since John Campbell in 1988 won it at 33 with Armbro Goal and improved to $1.5m.


Ernie Banks – World Series

Frank Thomas—World Series

Tim Tetrick — Jug

Yannick Gingras — Hambletonian

Jan Johnson driving a Breeders Crown winner

Charles Barkley – NBA Title

Karl Malone and John Stockton — NBA title

David Miller — Hambletonian

Arnold Palmer—PGA

Steve Asmussen—Kentucky Derby

Ted Williams – World Series

Dan Marino—Super Bowl


As in these 70 years — more.

Rick Plano, 70, was the lead coach and third lead driver at Pompano Park this year.

Dan Shetler is 72 and continues to race, train, and drive primarily colts/fillies in Indiana.

JoAnn Looney is 76 and is right there with all the Jim King trainees (Jimmy turned 70 in February) and had the 2019 HOY Shartin N-STILL fastest woman ever 1:46.4.

Del Miller was 77 in 1990 when he drove a winner in his record-breaking eighth decade.

Mike Lachance will be 72 on December 16 this year.

Carl Allen was 73 when he drove his last Hambletonian competitor – Holy Guacamole in 2003 (fifth in the playoff).

Stanley Dancer last rode the bike in the fall of 1997, aged 70.

Cat Manzi turns 72 on June 27 this year.

Bi Shively at 74 and still the Hambletonian’s oldest statesman wins with his 1952 effort with Sharp Note.

Berndt Lindstedt turns 86 in July.

Ben White was 70 in 1943 when he won his then-record fourth Hambletonian.

Harold Story was 71-72 when he last competed in the Breeders Crown with his hugely talented trotting mare Scenic Regal.

Jacqueline Ingrassia, a recent PASS winner with Dandy, is 75 and still pursuing a solid driving education. She and Frank also own Dandy which is some sort of salvage project. I guess even 22 years after winning the Yonkers Trot at 53, we shouldn’t be surprised. Lady J shows no signs of slowing down either.


The 500e The Triple Crown race will be held this year in the Little Brown Jug. The Triple Crown series kicks off with playoffs for the Yonkers Trot and Messenger on the last weekend of June this year.

125 Kentucky Futurities

96 Hambletonians

76 jugs

67 rods

66 Yonkers Trots

65 messengers

In Thoroughbred they are at 449 and it won’t be #500 until the 2039 Belmont Stakes.

154 Belmonts

147 earliness

148 Kentucky Derbys