Guidance for migrating records management systems to Microsoft 365

Records management works differently in Microsoft 365 and other cloud platforms than it does in legacy systems. Therefore, organizations need to involve the right people, perform thorough analyses, and define a detailed plan before migration.

Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies company and Microsoft 365 Specialist, shares tips for migrating records management systems to Microsoft 365 in a new article. The informative article first encourages migration managers to involve key people early in the migration process.

The author then discusses the need for an analysis of pre-migration information. He urges leaders to plan for the new records management framework before migration and reviews the Microsoft 365 records management toolset now called Microsoft Purview. He concludes by advocating a strategic approach with the assistance of information governance experts as needed.

“Records management works differently in Microsoft 365 and other cloud platforms than it does in legacy systems,” said Greg Smith, vice president of service delivery at Messaging Architects. “Therefore, organizations need to involve the right people, conduct thorough analyzes and define a detailed plan before migrating.”

Here are some excerpts from the article, “Guidance for migrating records management systems to Microsoft 365.”

Involve key people early

“Migrating to the cloud involves more than just moving files and mailboxes. Legacy document management systems also include the accompanying framework, from metadata audit trails, which determine the lifecycle of information. And increasingly stringent government and industry standards make document management more critical than ever.

Perform information analysis before migration

“With the right stakeholders involved, take the time to do a thorough information audit. A family moving across the country would not load the trash into the moving van. don’t need to be moved to the cloud.”

Plan the new records management structure before migration

“Once you’ve determined what data to migrate, map out the new records management structure before you begin the move. Because Microsoft 365 workspaces operate differently than on-premises systems, the move will require an adjustment in the records management approach.

Managing records in Microsoft 365

“In addition to groups, Microsoft 365 includes several archive management solutions. Previously known as Microsoft 365 Compliance, Microsoft recently rebranded these solutions under the Microsoft Purview umbrella. With Purview, organizations create an up-to-date data map, classify sensitive data, and govern the data lifecycle.

Strategic approach

Organizations that face more complex regulations may find that they need additional help to meet their information governance Needs. Fortunately, Messaging Architects’ information governance consultants can help.

They guide organizations from the initial data audit through to developing a comprehensive plan that includes identity and access governance, as well as data security and ongoing data management. And with deep Microsoft 365 expertise, they ensure a smooth migration of records management systems to the cloud.

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