In court records, police say 2 men killed in Lincoln shot themselves | Crime and courts

Lincoln police have publicly remained silent about a shooting that left two dead at a downtown Lincoln duplex early May 22.

But in search warrants filed in Lancaster County District Court, investigators described a fatal shooting between Patricio Urias and Zachariah Palomo (identified in documents only by their initials and the month and year they were born) , and a third man caught in the crossfire.

A Lincoln police officer stands outside a home on 30 and P streets where shootings on May 22 left two people dead.

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Chief Teresa Ewins this week declined to provide additional information about the case, citing the investigation still ongoing.

But last week, Police Sgt. Trent Petersen and Officer Chris Fields gave additional details in affidavits asking a Lincoln judge for permission to search the duplex at 230 N. 30th St. and the contents of an iPhone seized from surviving victim Jose Soto, 19, in the hospital.

Petersen said that beginning at 2:21 a.m., multiple 911 calls sent officers to 30 and P streets, where they were directed to the basement and police found Urias, 42, and Palomo, 26 years old, both shot several times.

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Despite efforts to save them, they died at the scene, reflecting a fierce fight to the death.

“Bullet holes were observed in the walls of the basement bathroom and scattered casings in the basement main living area and bathroom entrance,” Petersen wrote.

He said they appeared to have been fired from two firearms of different calibers.

At a press conference after the killings, police said they found two guns at the scene.

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A .45 caliber handgun located between the living room door and the bathroom door, and a shotgun that left holes in the living room ceiling.

Petersen said there was blood on the bathroom floor, the basement living room floor, and the basement bedroom. A path led from the living room outside the house and to a parking lot. There were more on the stairs from the south front door that led down to the basement.

A witness told police the two went into the basement bathroom together, where people were going to do drugs, and then the gunfire started.

It was then that Soto, who was near the bathroom door, was hit by gunfire.

He called 911 and a woman present at the party when the shooting started took him to the hospital.

This week, when asked for additional details – including whether police at this stage of the investigation believe anyone else was involved in the shooting, the number of shots fired and the amount of drugs found at the scene – Captain Todd Kocian said the department will hold a press conference when its investigation is complete.

The homicide capped a violent four-day spell at Lincoln that left three men, including Urias and Polomo, dead and several others injured.

On May 19, Henry Lee Jones, 57, was killed in a fight outside his central Lincoln home. Two people, Derrick Pearson and Briana Jelinek, face charges of manslaughter and first-degree assault in what police described as a confrontation over a property dispute.

In early May 21, three people were shot and injured on a sidewalk outside Gravity after an altercation inside the nightclub near 11th and W streets. No arrests were reported around this incident .

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