Inventory, bridge repairs and asphalt tenders on the commission’s agenda

The Barton County Commission will meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the Barton County Courthouse, 1400 Main in Great Bend. The meeting will be open to the public but will also be livestreamed due to COVID-19.

It will be streamed live via Microsoft Teams. Citizens can view the meeting through their own login or by logging in anonymously.

To participate, follow the link Those wishing to participate in the discussion of any point may call 620-793-1800 for instructions.

Agenda includes county property inventory, electronic medical records software for the health department, repairs to the Arkansas River Bridge at Avenue SE 60, and supply of cold asphalt of 2022.

Following the agenda meeting, the following appointments are scheduled:

• 9:45 am – Mural restoration and purchase of Stone IV for Veterans Memorial with Darren Williams, County Works Manager, and Mick Lang, Memorial Parks Committee.

• 10:15 am – Employee Relations Committee update with Bailey Rankin, ERC President.

• 10:30 am – review of rezoning and conditional land use permit applications for Larry and Sheree Marshall, dba Marshall Towing, with Judy Goreham, environmental manager.

• 1:15 p.m. – Discussion with Tammy Hammond, Executive Director, Rosewood Services Inc.

• 1:45 pm – SPARK BASE Grant Application with Barry McManaman, County Engineer, and Sue Cooper, Grants and Compliance Officer.