No records broken today, more heat is on the way

No records were broken today, but more heat is expected throughout the week.


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Jtonight and tomorrow: Temperatures will gradually start to cool as we head into the evening hours into the mid 70s. Temperatures peaked in the 90s today feeling like 108-112° for several hours throughout of the day. A few afternoon clouds and showers keep temperatures from breaking the record 98°. Overnight clouds will dissipate leaving us with sunny skies to start Sunday. Temperatures will quickly reach 90 degrees again on Sunday. A downpour is expected but most will remain completely dry. A few showers and cloud cover would relieve the heat a bit. Heat index values ​​will be in the triple digits again tomorrow.

Sun and heat safety: A few friendly reminders for your summer of fun happenings – sunburn can happen in less than 15 minutes with the extreme UV index typical for this time of year. On top of that, heat exhaustion and heat stroke can set in just as quickly. See a doctor if you or someone you know is affected. While we all appreciate a list of cool drinks, make sure water is at least on this list! Finally, look before you lock. DO NOT leave people or pets in a car unattended.

Next: From the working week, wWe will see more drought in our forecast. This will give us ample opportunity to warm into the 90s, some might even see 100°, throughout the week. Looks like temperatures will be in the triple digits, expect heat advisories to continue into next week. The record heat is here to stay for the rest of the week. Click HERE to learn more about what this warm June could mean for July and August.

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