Restore Records Management signs 10-year deal with BBC

Restore Records Management has landed the BBC’s commercial storage and archival contract, with a mandate to manage over 10 million archival assets.

The contract, worth a total of £22 million, is for an initial term of 10 years and includes 74,000 linear meters of archival assets, consisting of audio, motion pictures, images photographic stills, vinyls and sheet music collected over the last century.

Services provided will include secure storage, environmental controls, retrievals and audit tracking.

Nigel Dews, Managing Director of Restore Records Management, said: “This is an important and significant client for Restore, and we are delighted and delighted to continue working with the BBC.

“As part of the procurement process, we spent a lot of time learning the needs of the BBC to create a solution that focused on sustainability, security, quality control, auditing procedures and retention. It has been a winning formula and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

The catering solution includes upgrading an existing catering facility with dedicated temperature-controlled vaults to help maintain stringent environmental conditions.

Working closely with Restore’s relocation arm, Harrow Green, the project also includes a fully integrated package to plan, manage and migrate archival collections from the existing BBC facility to their new home.

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