Stamford requests more information for Allure building inquiry

STAMFORD, CT – The City of Stamford is seeking more information from real estate developer and owner Building and Land Technology for the investigation into the partial collapse of the Allure, an apartment building in the Harbor Point section of the city.

On February 1 at around 2:30 p.m., a 20-by-15-foot section of a deck on the fifth floor of the Allure Building at 850 Pacific St. collapsed in a parking lot. No injuries were reported and no personal property was damaged.

In February, Henderson Rogers Structural Engineers, who was hired by BLT, said tendons were missing in a transition area of ​​the failing slab. The city has hired WJE, an engineering firm, which is performing a peer review of post-outage documents.

Henderson Rogers said the failing slab is unique to this building in the Harbor Point area. Shortly after the collapse, BLT said it would review other properties as a safety precaution.

“While I appreciate the cooperation and information provided to date in response to City inquiries regarding the Allure building itself, it is extremely important that the City and the public be assured that other buildings are safe and multiple reasonable requests for information the city must make those decisions,” Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons said in a letter last Friday to BLT Co-Chair Ted Ferrarone.

Simmons’ request for more information relates to “all buildings constructed or under construction by BLT designed or constructed with post-tensioning slabs designed by Henderson Rogers, constructed in whole or in part by Baker Concrete, or in using the same post-tensioning contractors and special materials inspection and testing companies used at the Allure.”

Baker Concrete is BLT’s concrete contractor.

Notably, Simmons asked:

  • A list of properties where the designers and contractors mentioned above have been involved in any aspect of the building.
  • All necessary design plans, shop drawings and as-built drawings for these structures.
  • Copies of all special inspection reports for these structures.
  • Access to building maintenance records and reports of these structures to the city’s independent engineer.
  • Simmons also requested to perform and provide all necessary testing of the exposed concrete slab surfaces as determined by the City’s Independent Engineer.

“I hope BLT will agree with the City that a thorough investigation of all newly constructed properties is necessary to allay the justified concerns of residents, members of the public and officials who want to ensure that further incidents like the February 1 meltdown will not happen again,” Simmons said in the conclusion of his letter.

Patch contacted BLT for comment.

The City of Stamford has created a dedicated webpage for the investigation.