Swedish air bosses participate in Red Flag-Nellis 22-2, exchange information | Vandenberg

NELLIS AIR BASE, Nev. – The Swedish Air Force played a vital role in 414 Combat Training Squadron Red Flag-Nellis 22-2 with two air chiefs. Their participation promotes interoperability between friendly forces and the exchange of information for future Red Flag exercises and the Swedish exercise Arctic Challenge.

The two worked side-by-side with Airmen to coordinate command and control capabilities of air and ground units throughout the exercise.

“The Swedish Air Force is providing coalition support to Exercise Red Flag 22-2 by integrating two personnel from the 414th CTS White Force Exercise Staff,” said Col. Jared Hutchinson, 414th Combat Training Commander. squadron. “Acting as bosses of the air, they bring over 40 years of fighter aircraft experience to ensure that every mission is planned and executed safely, in accordance with applicable regulations and to a standard appropriate risk.”

The intent of employing an air chief in exercises like Red Flag and Arctic Challenge is to ensure the safety of all participants in the air domain. Their role is also to create as accurate an environment as possible for training purposes.

“During the execution of the mission, the air chief monitors the mission and is also the main point of contact,” said Major Daniel Jannerstad, an air chief with the Swedish Air Force. . “What I want to take home are ways to improve the Arctic Challenge exercise, so that all participants get the best training possible. Red Flag is the model for that.

Although they are two completely different exercises, each provides an opportunity to learn from the other, allowing the US and Swedish air forces to work together and support each other throughout the training.

By integrating friendly forces, the US Air Force can develop these concepts. The opportunity to work with other air forces has been continuous and beneficial to both countries.

“This is my fourth year returning to Nellis as air boss,” Jannerstad said. “Sweden is a small country compared to the United States, and being able to represent my country and the Swedish Air Force is huge for me and an honor.”

Red Flag provides training in real-world scenarios with real-world forces, allies, and partners. The US Air Force is better prepared for future conflicts by exchanging information with its Swedish counterparts.

Under a U.S. Air Force Weapons Center agreement with the U.S. Air Force Europe-Africa Warfare Center, the 414th CTS supports Nordic Defense Cooperation (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) in planning and execution of the bi-annual Exercise Arctic Challenge, which will resume in May 2023 at Kallax Air Base in Sweden.

The Department of Defense’s 2019 Arctic Strategy calls on U.S. forces to enhance their ability to operate in the High North through regular Arctic exercises and deployments, both independently and with allies and partners. The strategy also explicitly highlights the Arctic Challenge exercise as a venue that provides credible combat deterrence in the Arctic region.

These exercises enable partnerships to generate more lethal, resilient, and rapidly innovative joint forces, combined with a strong constellation of allies and partners, sustaining U.S. influence and ensuring favorable balances of power that preserve the free and international order. open.