Swedish Death Metal Veterans DISMEMBER Reunite With NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS

Recently Reformed Swedish Death Metal Pioneers DISMEMBER again joined forces with Nuclear Explosion Recordsthe label that released the band’s demo in 1990, “Reborn in Blasphemy”their 1991 debut album, “Like a stream that flows forever”, as well as the four recordings that would follow. To celebrate this announcement, a completely remastered version of “Like a stream that flows forever” was made available on streaming services worldwide today after being absent for a while.

“Like a stream that flows forever” – hailed by many as one of the best death metal albums of all time – is the first entry in a re-release campaign by the set DISMEMBER back catalogue, which is currently being remastered from the original albums. Stay tuned for more information on proper LP and CD reissues that are in the works for late 2022.

DISMEMBER drummer Fred Estby comments: “After assembling the original lineup and performing sold-out shows in 2019, the ax cutting industry needed a strong partner to bring the festering full catalog back to the streets. The unholy alliance of 1990 is reconfirmed; DISMEMBER and Nuclear Explosion Records are a perfect kill team again!”

jens pruterA&R manager at Nuclear explosion Europeadds: “It’s a pleasure to bring back one of the Nuclear explosion early groups. The first album of 1991 “Like a stream that flows forever” quickly became a death metal classic and they didn’t release a weak album until they officially broke up 20 years later in 2011. I still remember one of their last gigs, in 2008 to Party.San Metal Open Airwhere they played with their friends THE FALL and RELEASED – only BURIED was missing to complete the ‘Big Four’ of Stockholm death metal. And it was a pleasure to see them again at their first reunion show in 2019 at the Scandinavian Death Festival in their hometown. Seconds later, it was clear they were back in full force. Happy to see you again!”

Between 1988 and 2011, DISMEMBER gained a notorious reputation as “MOTORHEAD of death metal”, through eight classic albums and wild concerts around the world. The group was formed by Robert Senneback, David Blomqvist and Fred Estby in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 and has long been considered one of the creators of the Swedish death metal sound, alongside other pioneering bands such as BURIED, THE FALL and RELEASED. DISMEMBER recorded a few independent demos before their 1990 demo tape, “Reborn in Blasphemy”with Matti Karki singing and BURIEDit is Nicke Andersson covering most of the lead guitar parts, was covered for a larger release by Nuclear Explosion Records. In 1991, “Like a stream that flows forever” saw the light of day, which was recorded by Tomas Skogsberg to the now legendary Sunlight Studiosand featured Richard Cabeza (NOT ANIMATED) on the bass. DISMEMBER released their acclaimed second album, “Indecent & Obscene”, in 1993, which remains to this day their greatest success. Three other albums will follow Nuclear explosion, “Massive ability to kill” (1995),“Death Metal” (1997) and “Hate campaign” (2000), until the band decided to change labels. They released two more albums, “Where the Iron Crosses Grow” (2004, Karmageddon Records) and “The God Who Never Was” (2005, Reclaim) before estby announced his departure for family reasons in 2007. Their last album, “Dismember”followed in 2008 and the band officially broke up in 2011. After an eight-year hiatus, the band’s original lineup reunited for a 30th anniversary concert at Scandinavia Death Festival in October 2019, performing together for the first time in over 20 years.


Fred Estby (Drums)
David Blomqvist (Guitars)
Robert Senneback (Guitars)
Matti Karki (Voice)
Richard Cabeza (Low)

DISMEMBER has three appearances at European festivals this summer, followed by a performance at Mexico Metal Festival in Monterrey, Mexico, at the end of September.

Photo credit: Nathaniel Shannon