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Wheat figures elsewhere

Yesterday we reported on a very good winter wheat crop in PNW and said things weren’t going so well elsewhere due to drought. So how have extreme drought conditions impacted the U.S. winter wheat crop this year? A reflection was recently shown by the USDA’s June agricultural production report for this commodity. Speaker2: Our production is forecast at 1.17 billion bushels, which is 8.1% less than last season, which is 104 million bushels less than last year’s crop. Speaker1: Lance Honig of the National Agricultural Statistics Service says what was telling were the first harvested acreage figures and yield forecasts for this year’s winter wheat crop. Speaker2: The harvest area for which we have 24.5 million acres, that’s down 3.8% from what was harvested last season. Our first forecast is 47.9 bushels per acre. That’s down 4.6% or 2.3 bushels per acre from last year’s final yield. Honig noted the effects of extreme drought in the southern plains…the first harsh, winter-red, wheat-producing country. Speaker2: Really, it’s all about the harvest. The ratio planted is probably more than just the change in area. So if you can relate them, technically those declines in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, those are also low harvested planting ratios. Speaker1: Also with an overview of harvested area by state, which on the official USDA winter wheat acreage map displays symbols with states with high and low record harvested area.