45 million compromised Malindo Air passenger records spotted in online forum 3 years after data breach

In March 2019, Malindo Air suffered a data breach that compromised the passenger records of over 45 million of its customers. While the airline (which has since been renamed Batik Air following the pandemic) announced that it had successfully contained the leak in September 2019, the consequence of the cybersecurity issue was only known today, that the leaked data was spotted on an online forum known for selling personal data.

As shared by @xanda on Twitter, it appears that the compromised database surfaced on an online forum named clear net. Passenger records leaked from 2019 contain sensitive information such as email addresses, dates of birth, physical addresses, passport numbers and phone numbers.

During the cybersecurity incident in 2019, an organization called Specter claimed that there were those responsible for the leak. In response to the incident, Malindo Air initiated an automatic reset of all customer passwords and warned them to beware of suspicious emails and calls.

Fortunately, the data leak did not affect the credit card and bank details of more than 45 million Malindo Air customers. However, leaked sensitive information can still be used for other malicious purposes.

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