Amazon will suspend sellers whose inventory is shrinking too much

Tue Sep 6, 2022 10:14:00 PM

By: Ina Steiner

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Amazon’s fused product policy is no longer restricted to sellers using its FBA fulfillment service. The reason – an increase in customer complaints about melted products.

The news comes after a historically hot summer and on the same day a record-breaking heatwave pushed California’s power grid to the limit.

Amazon made two announcements on Tuesday – the first policy goes into effect on September 21, 2022 and applies for the first time to sellers who fulfill their own Fuse product orders. And Amazon means business – it will suspend sellers who receive multiple complaints about melted products.

“When this policy takes effect, if you receive multiple complaints about melted products, we may remove your listing and suspend or deactivate your Amazon selling account (and all associated accounts).”

The second announcement puzzled sellers because it reiterated an existing policy (fusible inventory is not accepted at Amazon fulfillment centers from April 15 through October 15) but also included the following: “As per our policy, starting September 21, 2022, we will remove all Fusible ASINs for a fee.”

A salesperson replied, “So you kept it all summer and now the summer and the Meltable period are coming to an end and the product can be resold soon, you now decide to withdraw it? How does that make sense? year, our Meltable inventory was phased out around May, which made a lot more sense.”

One seller blamed Amazon for the lack of air conditioning in its fulfillment centers, while another said it wouldn’t solve the problem because delivery trucks aren’t necessarily air-conditioned either.

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