DigiLocker can now store health records, users can link Ayushman Bharat Health Account | Check details

DigiLocker can now store health records: DigiLocker users can now store health records and link them to their Ayushman Bharat (ABHA) health account.

DigiLocker users can use it as a health locker i.e. now you will be able to save your health records digitally through this app.

With the latest update, you will be able to link it to Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA). The Union Health Ministry released a statement on Thursday saying that it has completed the second-level integration of the document exchange platform with the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM).

Now, the cloud-based storage platform can be used as a Health Locker, where users will be able to save documents such as their immunization records, doctor’s prescription slips, lab reports, hospital discharge details, etc. That is, users will now be able to use this app as a personal health record app.

DigiLocker, the authentic document exchange platform under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, had previously completed Tier 1 integration with ABDM, in which the platform added the function of creation of ABHA or Ayushman Bharat health account for its 13 crore users.

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Personal Health Record App

The latest integration will now allow users to use DigiLocker as a Personal Health Records (PHR) application. In addition to this, ABHA holders can also link their health records from different ABDM registered health facilities like hospitals and labs and access them through DigiLocker. Users can also scan and upload their old health records to the app. Additionally, they can share selected records with ABDM-registered healthcare professionals.

Highlighting the benefit of this integration for users, Dr. RS Sharma, CEO of the National Health Authority (NHA), said: “As part of ABDM, we are building an interoperable health ecosystem. The various apps from public and private sector partners that integrate with ABDM help extend the reach of the program to more users and add more functionality. DigiLocker is a reliable and popular application for accessing genuine documents. Hence, this is an important development as users could now use it as a PHR application and experience the benefits of paperless record keeping.

Speaking about the integration, Shri Abhishek Singh, MD and CEO, Digital India Corporation said, “We are proud to extend the benefits of ABDM to our 130 million registered users. The platform has already generated nearly 85,000 ABHA numbers. With the integration of the medical record, we believe that more people could easily digitally link and manage their medical records. DigiLocker aims to be the preferred health locker for ABHA users. »

Health Locker services are now available to all registered DigiLocker users.

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