Dollar Tree Worker returns to tons of unpacked inventory after the holidays

It can be really infuriating when you’re the only person in your group who takes the initiative for certain work responsibilities. Maybe you were the type to work in a team at school and you took over from everyone else. Or maybe you’re the only person in the workplace who seems to care if a deadline or deliverable is completed on time.

And while there are certainly people who are psychologically classified as having provider personality types, and people who really like to work their proverbial tail, burnout is going to happen at some point. Even the biggest workaholics in the world need to take time off every once in a while.

And we’d like to think that while they’re on vacation they’re going to have someone back at base watching their backs, but apparently that wasn’t the case at the Dollar Tree TikToker @dizziedezzarai location, which goes by the name of Dessy, had the misfortune to work at.

In a now-viral clip, the individual recording the video says he’s the location’s ‘merchandise manager’, and after returning from a three-week vacation he was shocked to see what the location looked like. back of the store.

@dizziedezzarai I LEAVE!!!!! #dollar tree #PringlesCanHands #fyp #mismanagement #I quit #fyp ♬ original sound – Dessy

In the now-viral clip, Dessy placed a text overlay that reads, “Dear Universe, I need you to move on my behalf and send me a better position…this week!!”

He points to the storeroom, which is almost completely filled with boxes. According to the TikToker, none of his colleagues or other employees at the Dollar Tree location attempted to smash the packages or bring any of the inventory into the upstairs store.

When he demanded an explanation as to why they were allowing the back room to pile up items, no one could give a solid reason, which understandably infuriated Dessy.

To make matters worse, Dessy said that at the time the video was taken, her store was expecting another delivery of 2,000 items the next day. He floats his video camera around the storage room once more to point out that it would be physically impossible to fit more inventory into the space while allowing employees to walk through to retrieve items.

Knowing that the bulk of the work of reorganizing the back room would ultimately fall on his shoulders, and fed up with the way the store was being run, Dessy decided to immediately look for work elsewhere.

Tons of commenters sympathized with Dessy’s plight, while pointing out that they had noticed that the store shelves at the Dollar Tree stores they frequented still looked oddly bare.

“Okay so the shelves are empty as they have everything in the back?? Noted,” one commenter wrote.

“They are wrong for that. Everyone quit at the one near me,” another remarked.

“At this point, I’m going to start shopping in DT’s storage room,” said a third viewer.

Others pointed out that the only way to fix the situation would be to literally shut down for the day and have every employee help replenish inventory on the floor.

Dessy, however, applied for other jobs anyway, and lo and behold, her TikTok prayers were answered. He was offered a job at a Lowe’s Home Improvement store, which he said he would take immediately.

Although at least one commenter mentioned that he probably could have negotiated a higher salary, “1:33 p.m. with Lowe shorted you, they hired me at 6:00 p.m., you need to re-evaluate,” @iamlovekillz said.

It should be noted, however, that the starting amount offered to Dessy through his work at Lowe’s is close to the $13.64 average that Wage scale reports that the hardware chain is paying its employees.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dessy through the TikTok comment and Dollar Tree through their website’s contact form.

*First published: May 5, 2022, 7:30 p.m. CDT

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