ETERNAL EVIL signs multi-album deal with listenable records

Eternal Evil has signed a multi-album deal with Listenable Records and will release its second full-length album in 2023.

Influenced by the earlier works of thrash metal royalty Slayer, Kreator, Destruction and Exodus, Eternal Evil was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2019. The band intends to carry on the legacy of classic thrash madness at high energy.

Their quickly sold out self-released demo Rise Of Death has been reissued by Iron Fist and Redefining Darkness Records. The latter released the band’s first feature film, The Warriors Awakening…Brings The Unholy Slaughter, in November 2021. Conjuring up the malevolent powers of old school metal, Eternal Evil’s debut received heavy criticism worldwide. for their fury and relentless speed.

Passionate and uncompromising, the young band delivers incisive riffs and arrangements with great conviction and surgical precision. Kicking off with a lot of gusto, Eternal Evil is destined to blow that head off forever.

Line up:

Adrian Tobar – vocals and lead guitar
Tobias Lindström – Lead guitar
Jacob Livåg – Bass guitar
Alphonse Bouquelon – Drums