Kyle Huckstorf sets B1G records in huge Iowa comeback win, Indiana rout

30-16, Iowa vs. Indiana. Normally, a two-touchdown win is a good day on the grid for Hawkeyes football. Only this time around, that score belongs to Iowa baseball, and the score alone doesn’t even tell half the story.

Thursday night, the Hoosiers arrived in Iowa City and punched the Hawkeyes in the mouth. After 3 innings, Indiana had already batted in 13 earned runs and led by a score of 13-2.

Then things started to turn for the Hawkeyes with Kyle Huckstorf batting. During a 10-run 4th inning, Huckstorf hit a pair of 3-run home runs to get back into the game.

He wasn’t done there. Huckstorf returned to home plate in a key moment late in the 5th inning and landed a big fly. This time it was a grand slam and Huckstorf’s third home run of the night.

In the end, Huckstorf finished 6 for 7 with 3 homers, 4 runs scored and 12 RBIs. His 6 hits tie the single-game record in the B1G while his 12 RBI alone is a new single-game record for the conference. Iowa also finished with a 30-16 win, the most program points scored in a B1G game.

“It will be the day I will take with me until I die,” Huckstorf said after the win. “These will be stories that will live forever and I will have fun with them.”