Latest Information on Record Store Day Black Friday 2022


Music lovers, be on the lookout black friday as Record Store Dayin its classic style, rolls out some truly amazing titles to celebrate RSD Black Friday, the start of the holidays, and the glory of independent shopping with “weird little wacky shops” across the country on November 25, 2022.

I mean, right around this time in 1999, Joe Strummer walked in millennium of music, the longtime gem from Portland, Oregon, and went through a 5-song set of intimate acoustic takes on “Junco Partner,” “X-Ray Style,” “Island Hopping,” “The Road to Rock N Roll,” and “Trash City.” The Soundboard Recording, Music Millennium’s very first release for RSD Black Friday, pressed on vinyl and appropriately titled Joe Strummer live at Music Millenniumcontinues this year’s ongoing celebration of what would have been Strummer’s 70th birthday.

We always say, “Once an ambassador, always a friend”, and our former ambassadors introduce themselves! Release slate includes long-awaited first vinyl release from Record Store Day 2015 Ambassador Dave Grohlit is dream widowthe album whose recording started it all in the comedy horror movie Foo Fighters Workshop 666. RSD Ambassadors 2018 Run the JewelsTake them RTJ4 album, invite some friends over to help spice it up and give us the double CD CU4TRO, brand new music with a Latin American vibe. RSD Ambassador 2012 Iggy Pop also has a little international flavor when it comes out Afterwhich comes on CD and vinyl, and that flavor is French… in the tunes he covers and the language in which he sings them. And we are even starting the next generation: Ottothe face of SoCal’s new thrash metal scene, will mark its vinyl debut with the title RSD Black Friday Locos live in Venus, with Ty Trujilloson of Metallica bassist (and ¼ RSD 2016 Ambassador) Robert Trujillo. (You ever heard Ty play guitar on “Puppeteer” in the iconic moment stranger things stage.) Otto will celebrate by performing live on Black Friday at Fingerprints in Long Beach, California.
Both Billie Eilish and The Weekend show their support for local record stores and create brand new versions of artwork from their happier than ever and Dawn FM scrapbooks. Silversun Pickups create a whole new bandagedteaming up with Butch Vigor for SSUV and a single that references both David Lynch and Suzanne Ciani (and those are just the song titles!)

The doors finally release the fabulous studio release “Paris Blues” -the last known unreleased studio recording- as the title track of a new blues-themed vinyl compilation. And those whose wish was for The treatment series of picture discs to access their best-selling album, can consider that TO WISH granted. Albums of fountains of wayne, smash the mouth and soul cough see their early vinyl releases, just like High-Fi music on a budget of madlibone of the prolific producers Madlib Medicine Show Seriessecurities. Madonna follows his collection of number 1 hits with the limited edition 40th Anniversary 12″ for the single that first brought everyone to the dance floor, his very first: “Everybody”. Martha and the Vandellas throw a literal A dancing parties, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga make us dance Cheek to cheek live, The golden fingerit is Hey Fate skip things a bit and Blink-182 Lullaby Interpretations Install everyone for lights out.

The film Lunar Reverie can put new david bowie fans on your gift list, and there are two titles to keep them happy: a 12″ candy cane swirl from the now classic duo with bing crosby, “Little Boy Drummer / Peace On Earth”and the Supplement next day EP, with various Bowie’s album outtakes and remixes The next day album, including a ten-minute opus by LCD audio systemit is James Murphy.
There will be some fine jazz highlights hitting record stores this RSD Black Friday, with Mingus and Monk both appear on the list, along with the first two releases from Deep Digs, a new label started by “The Jazz Detective” Zev Feldman: Emerald City Nights Live At The Penthouse (1963 -1964) and (1965 – 1966)capture the pianist Ahmed Jamal as only Jazz Detective packages can.

Boxes are easy to wrap up and there’s a nice selection on the roster this year. Rival schools lock up their United by fate album with all B-sides, acoustic tracks and a hardback, in a numbered and limited canvas slipcase. Fleetwood Mac combine the individual Alternate albums that are a past Record Store Days favorite in vinyl and CD box sets, and all Jerry Garciathe vibrations of a November night spent on Pure Jerry: Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia, November 9, 1991box.
Fans of the RSD3 mini turntable get new sounds to spin on its 3″ turntable with a series of 3″ singles with Czarface (“Czarlacc’s Pit”) and Czarface with MF Doom (“Nautical Depth”and “Mando Calrissian”). beck also takes another mini-tour with her second 3-inch single, “It’s All in Your Mind” as part of the 20th anniversary of his highly acclaimed Sea Change album.

We haven’t even started, but you can find more details on these and other titles on the RSD Black Friday list, as well as artwork and participating stores at

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