Legislative Archives Program at the California Department of State

The California Secretary of State (SOS), among many other programs administered by his office, has a Legislative Records Program. materials of enduring value to document California’s legislative history. The State Archives helps care for and provide access to these records, preserving the legacy of our elected officials. »

In this regard, the SOS explains that their “services include:

  • Assist the Senate, Assembly and Committees with matters relating to legislative matters.
  • Advise what is historically valuable material to send to the Archives versus what can be destroyed.
  • Tell offices and committees how to complete their transfer form, pack their boxes and schedule their transfer.
  • Provide and facilitate training on the Legislative Documents Program, Historically Valuable and Non-Historically Valuable Documents, Legislative Package Review and Transfer Process.

The SOS explains, “The California State Archives continues to collect, catalog, preserve, and provide access to historical records of state government and some local governments. The Archives collection is primarily comprised of records from California state agencies, the governor’s office, the state legislature, and the Supreme Court and state courts of appeals. Records are organized under the name of the agency or office that transferred the records to the Archives. The collections also include private papers that have been donated to the Archives.

SOS offers, “Taken together, these documents represent the legal foundation of state government and are frequently used by the courts, the legal community, state and local governments, and the public.”

The California Information Practices Act, found in Civil Code Sections 1798 et seq., and the California Public Records Act, found in Government Code Sections 6250 et seq., are the primary sources of law for access. to public records, such as those maintained by the Secretary of State.

Legislative records are available at the State Archives, including the records of over 300 state legislators. What legislative documents are available at SOS and at the State Archives?

There are files of legislative committee bills from 1960 and hearing files from 1940. The Archives also contains files of sponsors’ bills from legislators from 1950, as well as the following records:

  • Records of Democratic and Republican caucus bills since 1973
  • The Senate floor has been analyzing bill files since 1993
  • Assembly and Senate video recordings of hearings and sessions since 1988
  • Numerous analyzes of state agency bills

Finally, the State Archives have California Statutes since 1850, Deering’s Annotated California Codes, Senate and Assembly Journals since 1850, and End Histories since 1877.