Motorola Solutions Launches Public Safety Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Sharing and Analysis Organization – Conduit Street

Public Safety Threat Alliance will serve as a cybersecurity services hub for world-class information sharing and threat intelligence collaboration for the global public safety community.

Motorola Solutions today announced the creation of a Cyber ​​Threat Information Sharing and Analysis (ISAO) organization for public safety. The Public Safety Threat Alliance, an ISAO-recognized cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency (CISA), is open to all public safety agencies. CISA, under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is serving as the National Coordinator for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience in this critical initiative.

ISAOs are groups focused on sharing information related to cybersecurity risks and incidents with members from the public and private sectors. Members of the Public Safety Threat Alliance can share and analyze data from multiple sources to proactively contribute to a stronger cybersecurity posture for the public safety community, constituents, and other stakeholders, including government agencies and businesses.

According to a press release from Motorola Solutions:

“The creation of the Public Safety Threat Alliance fills a critical void by creating a single entity entirely focused on the collection, analysis, production and sharing of information and intelligence on cyber threats focused on public safety,” said said Billy Bob Brown, Jr., executive assistant director for emergency communications, CISA. “Now, the public safety community is better equipped to focus its cyber threat intelligence and defense efforts on specific adversaries and their malicious cyberattacks.”

The Public Safety Threat Alliance will leverage cybersecurity risk information from across Motorola Solutions’ cybersecurity services, as well as information from members and trusted partners, including CISA, other ISAOs, and non-profit organizations. dedicated to sharing cyber threat intelligence, to generate actionable intelligence that will improve members’ cybersecurity posture, defense and resilience against ever-evolving threats to their unwavering public safety missions.

Learn more about the Public Safety Threat Alliance.

Motorola Solutions, Inc., a Gold Corporate Partner of MACo, provides integration and communications solutions for public safety and the utility industry to the State of Maryland, 16 of its 23 counties, as well as cities of Baltimore, Salisbury and Annapolis. Motorola’s solutions include wireless 4G voice and data systems, computer-aided dispatch systems, prison and records management systems, mobile data software, mobile computing hardware, citizen response (311), wireless broadband networks, video surveillance systems and interoperability networks.