NAG relay, meet records and other fast swims from day three of the Junior Nationals


It was an exciting night of racing in Irvine tonight as swimmers lit up the William Wollett Jr. Aquatics Center. Swimming fans who were there in person were able to watch NAG records, meet records and lots of other fast swims, but here are some of the key videos for those who couldn’t make it in person, with the Courtesy of USA Swimming YouTube Channel.

(Originally reported by Spencer Penland)


Top 3 graduates:

  1. Jillian Cox (Longhorn Aquatics) – 4:08.27
  2. Hayden Miller (Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club – 4:12.20
  3. Kathryn Hazle (North Coast Aquatic Sports) – 4:13.84

Jillian Cox and Hayden Miller, 17, broke away from the pack on the top 100 of the race, and soon after, it was all Jillian Cox. After a dominating performance in the women’s 800 freestyle on Monday night, it felt like Cox had swum in the reservoir, and, boy, she never did.

After hitting a 59.91 on the first 100 in the race, Cox dialed in the middle and top 31 on each of her 50, until she came home in a sizzling 30.43 on the last 50. In its entirety, its 100 splits were 59.91, 1:03.00, 1:03.54 and 1:01.82 respectively.

The time of 4:08.27 is a massive run for Cox, who will represent the United States at the Junior Pan Pacific Championships in just a few weeks. She hadn’t been under 4:10 before in her career and broke that barrier tonight. She also climbed to No. 20 all-time in the Girls 17-18 rankings, and keep in mind she did that when she was just 17. She’ll also get another boost to cut her time even further in just a few weeks. at the Junior Pan Pacific Championships.


  • Record of the meeting: 3:51.44, Alex Zettle (2017)

Top 3 graduates:

  1. Norvin Clontz (SwimMAC Caroline) – 3:50.82
  2. Sean Green (Long Island Aquatic Club) – 3:54.21
  3. Henry McFadden (Jersey Wahoos) – 3:54.74

A race quickly developed in the middle of the pool in the “A” final between Norvin Clontz, Henry McFadden, Aaron Shackell and Sean Green. Clontz won the race much more conservatively than most of the other competitors, coming in 5th at the 50m mark, but had fought his way up to 1st at the 150m turn.

Clontz pulled away from the rest of the swimmer in the 3rd 100 of the race, keeping his 50 split times well under 30 seconds. The 15-year-old Clontz would eventually break the national junior competition record, also moving up to second all-time in the boys 15–16 age group. Clontz is also now the fastest 15-year-old in American history with the performance.


  • Encounter record: 58.59, Dakota Luther (2017)

Top 3 graduates:

  1. Alex Shackell (Carmel Swim Club) – 58.33
  2. Annika Parkhe (Patriotic Aquatic Club) – 58.71
  3. Ella Jablonski (Seattle Metropolitan Aquatic Club) – 59.69

Alex Shackell, 15, of the Carmel Swim Club, completed her sweep of the women’s flight events at these championships, breaking a new personal best of 58.33. Not only does swimming take half a second off Shackell’s personal best, it propelled her to sixth all-time in the girls 15-16 age group. Annika Parkhe matched her time since this morning, swimming again in 58.71. Parkhe had moved up to 7th in the all-time 15-16 standings this morning, but Shackell passed her tonight, dropping her back to 8th.


Top 3 graduates:

  1. Bryce Halterman (Paseo Aquatics swim team) – 52.33
  2. Thomas Heilman (Water Riders) – 52.44
  3. David Schmitt (Evolution Racing Club) – 53.32

Bryce Halterman did it again, losing more time on his personal best to beat Thomas Heilman to the finish. The posted competition record of 52.57 is incorrect because Andrei Minakov swam a 51.88 to win the event in 2018. Nonetheless, it was an incredible performance from Halterman, and one that propelled him to 5th all-time in the 17-18 age group.

Thomas Heilman also swam a new best time of half a second, just missing Luca Urlando15-16 NAG of 52.40. That’s not really a big deal, as Heilman just turned 15 at the end of January, so he has plenty of time to break that record. He ranks second all-time in the 15-16 age group.


Top 3 graduates:

  1. JoJo Ramey (Fishers Area Swimming Tigers) – 2:09.80
  2. Lilla Bognar (Greenville team) – 2:11.11
  3. Teagan O’Dell (Irvine Novaaquatics) – 2:11.16

JoJo Ramey took the lead early and never looked back, roaring into the finish first by more than a second. While tonight’s race fell short of Ramey’s personal best of 2:08.90, it was his best time of the year in the vent of almost a second, and his first time under 2:10 this year as well.


  • Encounter Record: 1:58.83, Alex Katz (2013)

Top 3 graduates:

  1. Josh Zuchowski (Flood Aquatics Swim Team) – 1:58.42
  2. Caleb Maldari (SwimMAC Caroline) – 1:59.92
  3. Will Modglin (Zionsville Swim Club) – 2:00.85

There was no doubt that Josh Zuchowski was going to win this title. He immediately took control of the race, entering the 100m turn in a fast 57.46. He held his pace well in the 3rd 50, entering the 150m turn in 1:27.77. It looked like Zuchowski could dive under 1:58 for the first time in his career as he exploded on the latest breakout. He finally faded a bit in the last 50 meters, swimming a 30.65. The performance also marks a personal best for Zuchowski of 0.02 seconds. He remains 15th all-time in the 17-18 age group.


  • 15-18 NAG: Carmel Swim Club, 1:42.99 (2014)

Top 3 graduates:

  1. Elmbrook Swim Club – 1:42.87
  2. Carmel Swim Club – 1:44.40
  3. Elevation Athletics – 1:44.79

Elmbrook Swim Club dominated the women’s 200m freestyle relay, also breaking the national 15-18 age group record. Maggie Wanezek put her team in the lead early, sharing 25.99 on the first leg. They didn’t slow down, as Lucy Thomas went next with a sizzling 25.36 to put the team in the 100m wall at 51.35. Campbell Stoll went 3rd, splitting 26.06, then Abby Wanezek anchored in 25.48, leaving no doubt that EBSC ​​would stand atop the podium.


  • 15-18 NAG: Spartan Aquatic Club, 1:32.43 (2021)

Top 3 graduates:

  1. Dynamo Swim Club – 1:32.26
  2. Irvine Novaaquatics – 1:32.76
  3. Mason Manta Rays – 1:32.95

Dynamo Swim Club broke the national age group record in the boys 15-18 200 freestyle relay tonight. Owen McDonald took the team out at 23.68 in the lead, then Leo Roden held the team steady with the leaders, sharing 22.96. Cooper Cook went 3rd, splitting 23.36, then Idris Muhammad anchored in a searing 22.26 to carry his team to victory, with NAG to boot.