New information sheds light on Bethany’s shooting

BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – Newly filed court filings shed more light on what led to a shooting in Bethany on September 22.

“We need a cop here,” Jeffrey Mitchell’s mother told the Bethany 911 dispatcher. “My son said when the guy threw the gas in his face, he shot him.”

Jeffrey Mitchell. Image courtesy of Oklahoma County Detention Center.

The incident happened near the NW 39th Expressway and Rockwell Avenue around 1:30 a.m.

“When officers arrived at this location, we received another call from OnCue of a gunshot victim. So the officers also responded there,” said Bethany Police Department Lt. Angelo Orefice.

Court records filed this week show Mitchell and the man he shot have been feuding over ownership for years. Mitchell told investigators the man came to the N. Divis Avenue home to vandalize his property “repeatedly.”

” They have [police have] been called a few times about this guy, not the first time he’s done this,” Mitchell’s mother told the dispatcher.

The documents say the man confessed to police that this time he planned to destroy one of Mitchell’s cars. He admitted he “had a cup full of brake cleaner that he was going to throw on the vehicle,” according to court records.

“If it’s there for a long time, it’ll eat away at your paint and it just ruins your paint,” Orefice explained.

However, the man’s plans were foiled when Mitchell spotted him on a security camera and greeted him with a gun, according to court documents.

Documents reveal Mitchell fired a shot into the ground and followed the man about 100 yards to an alley. Records show the man then threw brake cleaner on Mitchell, prompting Mitchell to pull the trigger on his gun.

Court records show the man went to OnCue for help because he “couldn’t get his vehicle to start”.

“[The man had] a gunshot wound to the stomach,” Orefice said. “He was immediately taken to hospital.”

Orefice tells KFOR that the man has been discharged from hospital.

Meanwhile, Mitchell was incarcerated in the Oklahoma County Detention Center for a shooting with intent to kill.

“You don’t have the right to shoot someone just for vandalizing a vehicle,” Orefice said. “You can’t do that unless your life is in danger or they’re trying to get into your current home and even then it’s never a good idea.”