NIA to start Ghana Card replacement, personal information services update from today

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The National Identification Authority (NIA) will offer from today, Monday August 15, 2022, electronic card replacement and personal information update services (modification or correction of personal records) at the sports stadium El-Wak.

A statement released by the NIA’s Customer Service Unit and copied by the Ghana News Agency said applicants opting for the services would be required to complete and sign an electronic application form in person, which must be subject to an approval process.

He said applicants requesting the Card Replacement Service or Personal Information Service Update should note that replacement of lost, stolen, damaged or defective cards would incur a fee of Ghc 30.00, which must be paid with the mobile banking platform CalBank in the short term. code *771#; CalBank online mobile app; or at a branch of CalBank

The statement said the NIA will not accept cash payments for replacement service.

He said all applications should be accompanied by a police clearance certificate and applicants should bring their damaged or faulty Ghana cards, if any.

He said the list of updates which resulted in a Ghc30.00 charge were change or correction of applicant’s name, change or correction of order of applicant’s name, correction or addition of applicant’s previous name or maiden name, correction of applicant’s date of birth.

Others are change or correction of applicant’s nationality, correction of applicant’s gender, and change or correction of applicant’s height.

The statement said all other updates, which did not result in a new map of Ghana being printed for an applicant, were free of charge.

Free update list includes change or correction of residential address, change or correction of numeric address code, change or addition of mailing address, correction of hometown details , correction of birthplace details, addition or change of telephone numbers and/or email address,

Others are change of marital status, addition or change of government IDs (e.g. voter ID card, SSNIT card, NHIS card, etc.); change in disability status; change or add spouse details, change next of kin details; correction of parents’ contact details; change in level of education; change of occupation and change or correction of hair and/or eye color.

The statement says that all applicants for the updated service would be required to provide the reason for the update and must support the request with evidence.

He said examples of documents required to update personal information include a birth certificate or passport used when registering the Ghana card showing the correct name of the applicant.

The statement indicated a Gazette notification confirming the applicant’s name change (affidavits will not be accepted).

He said the NIA would not change an applicant’s date of birth but would only correct the date of birth if it was entered incorrectly during Ghana Card registration.

Other examples are providing a Birth Certificate or Ghanaian Passport used by the applicant when registering their Ghanaian Card, adding or changing details of Institutional Identifiers – Document/ID relevant institution confirming the details.

A document that existed prior to the registration of the applicant for the Ghana card and confirms the names of the parents, for example a birth certificate or marriage certificate of the applicant.

A certificate of naturalization, an oath of allegiance document and the applicant’s non-Ghanaian citizenship card; a birth certificate confirming the nationality of the applicant, a dual nationality card if the applicant has one and a valid Ghanaian passport if the applicant has one.

Supporting documentation for the change such as a professional certificate from the applicant or a record of employment; the candidate’s academic records confirming the course taken or the new level of study.

Statement or letter on letterhead from a hospital, doctor, or health care professional, statements, records, or letters from a government agency that issues or pays disability benefits.

The statement says applicants should note that not all update or replacement requests will be processed on the day they are made.

He said it could take more than a day to review applications and applicants would only be required to pay legal fees when applications are approved and not before.

Source: GNA

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