Privacy4Cars Obtains Fourth Patent to Remove Privacy Information from Vehicles and Create Compliance Logs

ATLANTA, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ Privacy4Cars, the first privacy technology company focused on solving privacy and security challenges posed by vehicle data to protect consumers and automotive companies, today announced that it has been granted a new patent, further expanding its patent coverage to remove privacy information from a vehicle using a user computing device. This patent grant marks the fourth patent the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted to Privacy4Cars in the past three years and provides further proof that the company is the leading privacy and security innovator. vehicle data.

Since its launch in 2018, Privacy4Cars has become the industry standard across automotive finance companies (including captives, national and regional banks, auto lenders and credit unions), fleets and fleet management companies , as well as franchise and independent dealerships. Many of today’s largest companies in the automotive sector – including the three largest OEM captives – have adopted the data deletion service powered by the Privacy4Cars platform, and a growing number of Industry associations have started talking about the need to erase personal information from cars. , and using Privacy4Cars as a resource to educate members.

“Pre-owned vehicles are like large unencrypted hard drives filled with sensitive personal consumer information, including IDs, geolocation, biometrics and phone records,” said Andrea Amico, CEO and Founder. from Privacy4Cars. “This creates growing service, reputation and regulatory challenges, including the obligations companies face under the new Safeguard Rule (effective December 9, 2022) and a host of existing and new state laws.At the same time, the federal government and local agencies are increasingly concerned about the capture and storage of personal vehicle information – prompting more and more automotive companies to seek out reliable solutions to simply and effectively remove data from vehicles while creating by design detailed compliance logs that prove their efforts,” he continued. “This new patent demonstrates Privacy4Cars’ commitment to meeting the growing compliance and service needs of our partners. , making Privacy4Cars the only obvious choice”.

Privacy4Cars recently granted U.S. Patent No. 11,494,514 expands the scope of patent protection for vehicle data privacy and security innovations from U.S. Patents No. 11,256,827, No. 11,157,648, and No. 11 113 415 from Privacy4Cars. New patent covers use of a user computing device to delete privacy information from a vehicle and to create feedback on information deletion activity, including deletion logs for use in compliance applications legal.

Privacy4Cars is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, EU, Middle East, India and Australia, and plans to further expand its geographic reach to meet the growing number of countries with comprehensive privacy and data security laws. Privacy4Cars is available to consumers as a free downloadable app and to businesses as a subscription service. Businesses can use Privacy4Cars’ standalone application or choose to integrate Privacy4Cars’ Software Development Kit to easily integrate its patented data deletion solution as a feature into their own applications.

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Privacy4Cars is the first and only technology company focused on identifying and solving data privacy issues in the automotive ecosystem. Our mission, Driving Privacy, is to offer a suite of services to extend protection for individuals and businesses, with an emphasis on privacy, safety, security and compliance. Privacy4Cars’ patented solution helps users quickly and confidently erase personal vehicle user information (phone numbers, call logs, location history, garage door codes, etc.) while creating records compliance. For more information, please visit:

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