Recordings of “fluent” teenagers nagging, inviting to the “country house”

She caught a potential predator – on camera.

A 17-year-old girl has shared the chilling moment an older man allegedly harassed her at a thrift store – and even invited her to his home as she informed him she was just a teenager. A video depicting the “To Catch A Predator” encounter currently has 2.5 million views on TikTok.

“There are creeps out there, everyone please stay safe,” reads the caption of the PSA video, which was uploaded by Nova Scotia native Jaycie Crouse.

She explained that she “started recording because this man was suspicious” – TikTok slang for suspicious.

The vomit-worthy footage, believed to have been taken as Crouse browsed through a thrift store alone, shows an elderly man approaching the youngster in a store aisle and commenting that she is “one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen.” have ever seen”.

He then asks if he can buy her something, which Crouse refuses, as seen in the footage.

Unfazed, the sleazy figure then asks if she’s engaged or single, prompting the dismayed girl to inform the lech that she’s only 17 in hopes of deterring his advances.

Unfortunately, the fact that Crouse was underage only seemed to encourage the vine, who commented that “it’s a good age to be” in recording. He then asked the petrified buyer if she would like to work for him around the house as he has a swollen knee.

“I got injured about a month ago, my knee is kind of bumped,” the elder described, adding that the injury caused him to fall behind in his work. He explained that he was “looking for someone to do things in the yard,” among other things.

The unnamed man asked Crouse if she would be interested in working around his house.

Luckily, the quick-thinking girl was able to end the creepy encounter by saying she was getting a phone call and had to go.

The thorny situation sent shivers down TikTok.

“Oh my god, it’s terrifying, it’s very sad that a lot of women get hit on when they’re younger and look young,” said a dismayed onlooker.

Another wrote: ‘A grown man would never ask a woman, let alone an underage girl, to help him with anything physical. Don’t forget that girls!! Immediate red flag!

Crouse ended the conversation by telling the man she had had a phone call.
Crouse ended the conversation by telling the man she had had a phone call.

Others have even compared the situation to serial killer Ted Bundy, who notoriously faked a broken arm to lure his victims.

“Ted Bundy used a tactic where he would wear a cast to make himself look non-threatening and vulnerable to draw people in, and that guy with his knee…” a true crime TikTok fan explained.

A horrified poster wrote: ‘If he kept talking to you after you said you were 17, imagine the day he asks someone younger who doesn’t know any better to go home with him. him.

Crouse replied, “That’s exactly why I posted it.”

This isn’t the first time a TikTokker has caught a creep on camera. Earlier this week, a 21-year-old Australian woman surreptitiously filmed a voyeur taking pictures of her sunbathing on the beach.