Rio Rancho Police Arrest Records: April 28-May 1

Editor’s Note: These records identify those arrested, cited, or summoned within a specified time frame, including charges documented by the Rio Rancho Police Department. The City of Rio Rancho no longer provides arrest records for minors.

Defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty. Anyone named here whose charges have been dismissed or who are acquitted may bring paperwork documenting that outcome to the Observers Office, 409 NM 528, Ste. 101, or email copies to The information will then be printed in this space.

April 28

Fletcher Douglas Thrower, 35, 4400 block of Denise Drive, has been charged with aggravated criminal harassment in his home.

Kristy A. Delara, 30, Los Lunas, was charged with resisting an officer and served on a felony warrant at 4100 Barbara Loop.

Olivia Francine Tannehill, 37, Albuquerque, was charged with open container of alcohol in vehicle and concealment of identity, and was issued a misdemeanor warrant in the 2300 block of Zaragoza Road.

Aiden Jack Burke, 18, 4000 block of Oasis Springs Road, has been charged with forcible confinement, assault on a household member and criminal damage to property of a household member in the home.

Brandie L. Valencia, 47, Roswell, was served a felony warrant at Unser Boulevard and Abrazo Road.

Clifford Jay Walker, 76, 2800 block of Mesa Road, was charged with battery on a family member at the Rio Rancho Police Department, 500 Quantum Road.

April 29

Samuel H. Goo, 31, 1500 block of 36and Circle, was charged with shoplifting at Smith’s Food and Drug Store, 1000 NM 528.

Christian A. Bennett, 34, Block 80 of Spring Road, was served with a misdemeanor warrant at 951 NM 528.

Christopher Michael Urias, 30, 1000 block of Meadowlark Court, has been charged with disorderly conduct at Smith’s, 1000 NM 528.

Daniel Ortiz, 46, Albuquerque, has been charged with receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle and felony possession of a controlled substance at 3721 Southern.

April 30

Heidi Lynn Machacek, 51, Grants, was charged with shoplifting at Walgreens, 4051 Southern Blvd.

Misty Ann Frazee, 45, Albuquerque, was charged with disorderly conduct in the 900 block of Waterfall Drive.

Charlotte Brianne Salyers, 20, 700 block of Grande Ridge Court, received a misdemeanor warrant in the 100 block of Dakota Morning Road.

1st May

Joshua Thomas Johnson, 36, 300 block of Copper Drive, was served with a misdemeanor warrant at his home.

Norman G. Cianchetti, 49, 700 block of 12and Avenue, was served with a misdemeanor warrant in the 1200 block of Northern Boulevard.

Ross Frankie Christo Vigil, 27, 1000 block of Seventh Avenue, was charged with battery on a household member and deprivation of property of a household member on Broadmoor Boulevard and West Island Drive.

Andy Raymond Hubbs, 42, Atchison, Kansas, has been charged with burglary of a car, theft of a firearm and deprivation of the property of a family member in the 6100 block of Rooster Point Road .

Compiled by Argen Marie Duncan