Senator Hawkins WFB Champion Pt 1

Senator Hawkins WFB Champion Pt 1

From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Senator Brad Hawkins of East Wenatchee was recognized for his agriculture advocacy efforts in the Washington State Senate.

The East Wenatchee Republican, which serves the 12th District, has been named the 2022 Agriculture Champion by the Washington Farm Bureau…

HAWKINS … “It’s a real honor for me, you know, to be recognized by the Washington State Farm Bureau, it’s great. You know, we’re not always recognized for our service, but for them to recognize a 100% voting record from me on behalf of their members on issues that affect ranchers, arborists, and the farming community at large, it’s a real honor.”

Hawkins says those two years have been difficult for the farming community…

HAWKINS … “Especially since the political pendulum had swung, many of the issues that are not beneficial to the Farm Bureau were being pursued by the Legislature.”

That’s why, says Hawkins, it’s important to raise awareness of agricultural issues…

HAWKINS… “The Farm Bureau cares about property rights and access to broadband, water availability, the Fair Wages Act and a well-functioning transportation system and having regulations and really reasonable taxes. And those are all the things that I try to defend.

Tune in tomorrow to learn more about why Senator Hawkins is such a strong advocate for agriculture.