Simflofy V3 ​​offers new record management features

Simflofy V3 ​​is a reflection of our commitment to improving the document management process for organizations around the world, delivering a solution that is truly designed for users.

Simflofya provider of information management, data migration and integration services announced the launch of V3 of their information management platform. The new version focuses on adding Full records management allowing users to seamlessly control content stored in over thirty different content management, business process and service solutions through a single central platform.

With high volumes of content living in silos across many different systems, organizations inevitably face challenges when it comes to accessing, managing, and maintaining the credibility of certain records. Without a centralized content management system to streamline records management or consolidate content governance, organizations face both significant productivity hurdles as well as security and compliance risks when accessing and information management.

Simflofy V3 ​​helps organizations manage their records centrally, reducing the need for manual processes and saving valuable time spent searching systems for information.

The platform provides a streamlined user experience with Govern in Place technology that allows users to easily apply retention schedules, holds, and disposition actions to content and records across all enterprise content . Management of the entire records lifecycle is possible through a centralized platform, regardless of the number of disconnected systems and repositories the organization works with.

“Companies around the world have important data scattered across their organization,” said Simflofy CEO Mark Lugert. “Any modern information governance strategy must consider where data lives and will continue to live. At Simflofy, our goal is to solve the problem of siled content through in-place federation and management of technology, so organizations can reclaim time previously spent finding content and move forward safely, simply, and centrally control their information and records.

The latest version of the Simflofy platform is complete with advanced automation features, including the ability to apply disposition schedules to content in repositories and easily declare documents as records using metadata and status fields. Users can also create and configure custom retention schedules to automate and control the full lifecycle of records, including holds, transfers, archives, and destruction of records. Improved version history retention and searchable reports, as well as advanced automated auditing capabilities are also part of the new enhanced features.

“Simflofy V3 ​​is a reflection of our commitment to improving the document management process for organizations around the world, delivering a solution that is truly designed for users,” said Lugert. “Greater business agility starts with effective information management, and we’re on a mission to enable that within organizations.”

About Simflofy

Simflofy Inc is a leading provider of information management software and services, founded by content management, data and integration experts with over 50 years of combined experience working with Fortune 100, 500 organizations and Global 5000.

Founded in 2012, organizations around the world, including Liberty Mutual, McKesson, the Department of State, and Lifeway, trust Simflofy to deliver innovative information management solutions. From data migrations to federated records management and eDiscovery solutions, Simflofy offers robust and scalable cloud-native solutions to combat content proliferation. Finally, organizations can go beyond simple content management to allow users quick, easy, and functional access to content and operations from a single system.

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