Squid Game Season 2 Release Date: Do Records Really Matter?

We don’t think it will surprise anyone that we wanted a squid game season 2 premiere date as soon as possible. Considering the first season was one of the biggest shows of the last decade, there’s a chance that season 2 will reach another level.

Does Netflix really care about setting viewership records? How important is it to them in relation to the number of subscribers? Well, let’s just say it’s so important that we could see that it’s a big factor in choosing the former.

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In some ways, the world of television is synonymous with bragging rights for executives. Everyone wants to say they have the biggest shows, because that can be a way to bring more creators to the platform — they can promise them lots of eyeballs, creative freedom, and a huge budget. They can certainly offer them support for offbeat projects, which squid game 100% was when it was first designed. It just so happens that this quirky project ended up becoming a resounding success.

We think Netflix knows there’s a very good chance of Season 2 breaking records on the platform. Season 1 took a bit of time to pick up steam, and that’s absolutely not going to be an issue here – much of the world will watch and watch immediately. This is why the streamer will be very selective in choosing a date. Chances are they don’t program squid game against a tentpole movie or anything else that might divide its audience. It’s the kind of sight that others fear; they will want to plan around it.

More than likely, we’ll see Season 2 at some point in 2024 – the sooner the better, from our perspective.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to squid game season 2, no matter when it comes out?

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