Tech companies must keep user information inside the border

The Vietnamese government has ordered major tech companies operating there to put systems in place to keep user information longer. secured.

First step: set up local offices and computer storage within the country’s borders.

The move to protect information stored on computer networks will affect some of the world’s biggest media companies, such as Google and Meta, the company that runs Facebook.

The rule goes into effect on October 1.

The new rule covers a wide interval of information. It includes financial records, health identification data and medical data, information about people’s ethnicity. And that includes any other information collected by companies that track people when they go online.

Vietnamese officials say they will be able to request the information if it is needed for an investigation. The new rule also states that media companies can be required to remove online material if it violates government guidelines.

Foreign tech companies will have 12 months to comply with the rule’s requirements. They will have to set up computer storage devices and local offices. Once information is stored in Vietnam, companies will need to keep it for a minimum two years.

Google and Meta did not respond to requests for comment from Reuters news agency.

The new rules are the latest step by the Vietnamese Communist Party to tighten the flow of information online.

The country’s leaders started with a cybersecurity law in 2019 and introduced guidelines on how to behave on social media last year.

I am Dorothy Gundy

Dan Friedell adapted this story for VOA Learning English based on a Reuters report.


words in this story

secured –adj. guarded so no one can access anything without approval

interval -not. a group or collection of things that are similar in some way

minimum -not. the least or the smallest possible amount

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