The Savannah Municipal Archives complies with records management and retention laws

When you think of a librarian or archivist, you might think of someone who wears white gloves and files every piece of paper that falls on their desk, but sometimes throwing things away is just as important in the job. !

The Municipal Archives are often the City’s public face for historical research and cool old artifacts, but our staff are always busy behind the scenes preserving today’s historical archives for the next generation by managing the stewardship program City documents. This means a lot of filing, but also overseeing the safe and legal disposal of documents that have completed their life cycle.

For American Records Month, celebrated each October, we are introducing that month’s Obscure Ordinance, the city’s records management ordinance. Passed by the City Council in 1983 in response to the Georgia Records Act, the City Records Management Ordinance ensures that city records are handled in accordance with state laws and follow records retention schedules established.

Section 2-3071 to 2-3076 “Ordinance on the management of municipal archives”.  Savannah City Code 1976, Supplement No. 13, February 1984, pages 2-18.2 to 2-18.5.

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The Local Government Records Retention Schedules, published by the Georgia Archives, provide guidance on the legal retention period for each type of record, helping city governments make decisions about which records to retain when faced with issues related to limited space and personnel, ongoing preservation. , and risk management.

Many types of records, especially those with little historical, legal or probative value, can be destroyed in as little as two years. A good records management program helps an organization maintain transparency and therefore gain the trust of its constituents.

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The City Archives Management Ordinance also established the City Archives Center, administered by the City Archives, ensuring a safe place for the preservation of the permanent preservation of the city, archives, as well as those who live their life cycle.

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