Tom Brady and Bill Belichick connection recovers, the two with 3-4 records could retire together

Owhen you think about the career of the current Tampa Bay Buccaneers strategist Tom Bradyit’s almost impossible to tell his story without talking about the news New England Patriots the head coach Bill Belichicktheir legendary careers will be whether they want to be linked forever or not, but now there’s also a serious possibility that the end of both will also come at the same time.

Tom Brady: ‘No retirement in my future’Twitter: @Buccaneers

Tragic losses for Buccaneers and Patriots in Week 7

Seven full weeks in the 2022 NFL Seasonthe Pats and Bucs both lost 3-4 records, a rarity of momentous diplomas for two of history’s greatest winners and a sure sign that the end of both may be very near.

Perhaps too, the season lows for both came in Week 7, as TB12 and Tampa Bay fell 21-3 to low Carolina Pantherswhile Belichick and New England were stunned by the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football by a score of 33-14.

Tom Brady throws and crushes a tablet in anger during the game

Are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick suffering in the NFL in 2022?

Beyond the poor results, another thing that has been noticed so far this season in both cases is a very different body language than usual, as both look frustrated and miserable, it is believed that in the case of the quarterback, it has to do with his marital problems with his wife again, Brazilian top model, Gisele Bndchenand in the case of the head coach, it is assumed that his anger is due to the volatile situation at the quarterback position where neither McJones neither Bailey Zappe give him the security that TB12 once gave him.

When a player or coach retires from the NFL, it takes five years before they can be inducted into the NFL. Hall of famemaybe then, if things continue like this, it will be five years before we see Tom Brady and Bil Belichick together again in Canton, Ohio.