Vintage 1913 tractor sets records at auction in Illinois

NOKOMIS, Ill. — A rare, antique tractor set two world records at a recent online auction.

Aumann Auctions held its Pre-30 auction last month, offering bidders a chance to pick up tractor engines and vehicles built before the 1930s. The prized lot was a 1913 Case 30-60.

The JI Case Company only built 500 of these tractors, its first attempt at a gasoline-powered vehicle. In 1913, the tractor was sold for around $2,500 ($72,600 adjusted for inflation). Today, only five are known to exist. The other four are currently in private collections.

On April 21, the Case 30-60 sold for a whopping $1.47 million, making it not only the most expensive antique tractor ever sold, but also the most expensive tractor sold in the world. ‘story. By comparison, the most expensive modern tractor on the market today – the 16V 747 Big Bud – sells for around $1.3 million.

The previous record for an antique tractor sold at auction belonged to a 1910 Marshall Colonial Class C tractor. This vehicle fetched $535,000 in April 2019.

The new owner of the Case 30-60, whose name has not been revealed, will have the tractor delivered to a private collection in the North East.