WhatsApp rolls out subscription plan for business accounts / Digital Information World

When it comes to providing a secure platform for all businesses, WhatsApp has upped its game. In an effort to grow their business, they have recently introduced business chats which can be linked to other devices and expand currently subscription plans. The launch of WhatsApp Premium will be a momentous occasion and a fantastic opportunity for all business solutions.

WhatsApp is about to launch several useful features for its users, and after years of hard work, they have finally decided to offer a subscription plan. WhatsApp offered to create subscription plans for business accounts in early June. Operators can better organize their social activities and save data with WhatsApp premium.

Moreover, the premium version of WhatsApp provides specialized businesses with cutting-edge features to keep in touch with their customers and connect them to other devices. Playstore and Testflight have already asked users to install the brand new feature and win the subscription plan for their businesses on iOS and Android respectively.

Just to be clear, WhatsApp Premium is an optional plan for some companies that opt ​​into the approach. You can enable it by updating your old version to a newer version and then simply going to WhatsApp settings to enable the feature. In the frame, you will find the option of WhatsApp bounty which means you are eligible to avail the opportunity.

Also, it may ask you to pay some subscription fees after activating the feature which will differ in different countries. After payment, you can access two advanced features that will make it easier for you to manage daily tasks.

The personalized commercial link is one of the most advanced options. The link will allow you to connect with your customers and provide insight into the company’s offerings. The customer can view the homepage of the company and start a conversation more easily by simply clicking on the link if you attach the link to your account.

The personalized commercial link will expire once you lose your subscription plan. Additionally, businesses help customers remember their business links by selecting a personalized link that matches the business name.

The ability to connect ten devices simultaneously is the second best feature of WhatsApp premium, allowing you to manage your conversation with the customer. As more and more people in the company are using the same WhatsApp account, connecting ten devices is essential for dealing with customers.

Also, we have to wonder if we don’t subscribe to the latest version, we might miss a delay in our business. Nevertheless, it is not the case. WhatsApp Premium is an optional plan for businesses looking for advanced facilities. So if you are not interested in subscribing to the latest version of the app, it will not harm your experience or change the commercial app.

Also, you can end WhatsApp premium subscription at any time from Playstore and App Store. This version is only available in a few countries at the moment before rolling out the feature worldwide. So brace yourself before it launches in your country. For more details, stay connected to your social media platforms for any WhatsApp-related news.

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