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XDSL NEWS is a monthly newsletter devoted to worldwide developments in digital subscriber line technologies, including XDSL, RDSL, SDSL, VDSL and HDSL.

Many technologies have been developed to increase the bandwidth and capacity of the telephone network, but the “last mile” remains a bottleneck. With nearly 650 million copper access lines worldwide, there is enormous potential for technology that adds megabits of bandwidth to a simple twisted-pair telephone line. XDSL technology can provide this bandwidth and is poised to have a significant impact on the telecommunications market over the next five years. Telcos, CAPs, ISPs and other telecommunications providers are all looking at XDSL for a variety of data and video services, making XDSL the most exciting new technology on the market today.

Topics Covered

– Field trials

– Apps

– Competition from cable and satellite

– New products

– Telco packages

– The optical fiber

– Market forecasts

– Technological developments

– Wireless

– Strategies of major players

– Cable modems


Key target audience

– Telcos

– Long term planners

– Equipment suppliers

– Strategic planners

– Semiconductor Suppliers

– Developers of new products

– Advisors

– R&D managers

– Caps

– Marketing managers

– Heavy users


Benefits of subscribing to this newsletter

– Provides analysis of important decisions and developments affecting the market

– Concentrates information from many sources in one place

– Provides information not available elsewhere

– Timely information from sources around the world

– Provides early warning of market opportunities and/or threats

– Regular monitoring of market developments

– Saves time and money trying to keep up to date

– Provides a historical record for internal research

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