ZEEKR successfully broke two Guinness World Records at an event in China

Premium electric mobility brand ZEEKR has announced that its 001 all-electric luxury vehicle has broken two Guinness World Records.

Less than a year after the brand began delivering vehicles to customers in China, ZEEKR has made its mark on the world stage by winning the titles of the fastest drift ever by an electric car and the slalom of fastest electric car.

The recordings have fully verified the three strengths that underpin the 001, it is “fast, accurate and stable”.

The fastest electric vehicle drift requires the vehicle to reach over 160 km/h and the 001 was able to reach a top speed of 207.996 km/h. Using the 001’s high-performance dual electric drive system, front and rear were able to achieve instant torque of up to 7,680 Nm and acceleration time of up to 100 km/h in just 3.8 sec.

This power and acceleration, combined with the 001’s high-performance chassis suspension system, maximizes body stability and allows the driver to maintain consistent, precise drift and the car to truly dance on the edge of the limit.

ZEEKR’s 001 also set a new benchmark for the fastest all-electric car slalom ever. The vehicle snaked between 50 equally spaced cones and completed the course, without hitting or knocking over any, in 49.05 seconds.

001’s intelligent electric all-wheel-drive system boosted off-the-line acceleration and provided excellent vehicle handling on the fast and spirited course. The quality of the power distribution and the balance between the front and rear wheels between the cones allowed the 001 to glide through the cones with minimal chassis or tire disturbance, maintaining excellent and stable braking at the end. The strong grip also allowed the vehicle to have better cornering ability everywhere.

– World record technology for users

This same drive control technology is present in all ZEEKR 001 cars and not only provides users with a fun and dynamic driving experience, but it also provides safety through enhanced controllability and stability. 001 already meets five-star safety standards and lays the foundation for solid performance control.

Not only does 001 respond to driver operations within milliseconds, but it also responds to multiple emergency scenarios autonomously. Additionally, the all-new intelligent traction control system dTCS (Distributed Traction Control System) operates at a processing rate 10 times faster than traditional TCS traction control systems. The outstanding stability performance shown in the slalom record is also respected by 001 users on the road in China.

Adhering to the concept of “don’t be a boring electric car” to develop a pure electric high-performance experience, the 001 also provides excellent driving comfort experience under the powerful power and extreme control fun.

By breaking these two world records, ZEEKR adhered to its own philosophy of not being “a boring electric car”. 001 users can enjoy excellent ride comfort with world record power and smoothness. The perfect integration of smart and electric technology in the 001 will bring users more fun in their journey.

The records were broken in August under the supervision of a Guinness World Records referee at the CATARC proving ground in China.

– ZEEKR Commercial Update

ZEEKR continues to prioritize and fulfill local market customer orders ahead of a planned European rollout starting in 2023, where it will expand the capacity of the ZEEKR Smart Factory – one of the world’s most advanced vehicle installations – to face unprecedented demand for 001 .

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